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If you’re looking for customer support from one of my businesses or have a questions about one of the podcasts that i host, the easiest and fastest way to reach out to our support team is here:

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I get a lot of requests, but i always do my best to respond.


If you’re a follower and supporter of the Fortune Finders podcast and you’d love to share your inspiring story with me, please leave a review on iTunes (link coming soon)

I personally go through every review and appreciate all of my supporters. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you, so for that reason I thank you. I try my hardest to deliver relevant, free, and most importantly valuable information to my audience.

As usual, I have many innovations and ideas on the way so be sure to follow along to stay up to date on the process.

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All major media outlets, please contact us via the form below and we will get back to you about moving forward ASAP. I really appreciate your consistent support!

If you are requesting to be on the Fortune Finders Podcast, or the Laboratory Experts Podcast my team and I are always looking for inspiring leaders who are making a big impact on a large audience of people. Those who are changing the game, and those who have achieved extraordinary results. If you or someone you know that’s achieved massive success in their field then please message my team below and explain WHY as we’d love to learn more.


Click Here (link coming soon) to learn more about the types of speaking engagements I do. I have a very authentic understanding of what it takes to create real change in people. I know how to increase your bottom line results and make you look like a champion for bringing me in. If you are asking me to speak and you don’t have the premium to pay, then pitch it to me in such a way it brings more value to my business and life for me being there.

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