Jordan Satary

Jordan is my name. Being an international entrepreneur is something I’ve work hard to make my reality. Being born in the United States, a great nation, and having the most ancient roots enabled me to widen my horizon, see the potential in every opportunity and geared me to now share the lessons and experiences learned. What I want people to realize is that targets are achievable no matter how lucrative they are. By being honest, consistent, hardworking, and a believer in working with intention aiming that one day you sit back, reflect on a life with no regrets and write a legendary story that people can look up to.

Not staying in a single school for more than two years throughout my childhood and continuously moving homes with family has pushed me to break out of the traditional ways of growing up. This left me with a nontraditional way of thought and ability to prevail in any environment. Having lived in Dubai, UAE I was able to experience and monitor international trade firsthand while visualizing the Silk Road ahead of me. Carrying diverse genetics allowed me to think of how I can match up modern technology with traditional techniques. Based on my initial exposures to life, I’ve always felt that ethics and morals are at the heart of respect. Respect in my opinion is the borderline between good and bad. Considering my American impact, international influence and early exposure; I aspire to bridge and connect between people around the globe.

My accomplishments are dedicated to all those surrounding me throughout my life who were willing to share their knowledge while valuing my opinions. I am now willing to share the accumulated knowledge and continue to learn from those willing to share with me aiming that the knowledge, respect and wisdom will influence good. Join me on this journey to witness the alignment of business practices with good values and ethics. -J

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